Sunday, October 10, 2010


we are home from kansas.  3 trips back and forth in 2 weeks makes me one very tired girl. 

to "anonymous": yes, i did change out of the shorts for the bible study :). i put on jeans and a intramural t-shirt from college, haha.

i took one whole picture of heather's wedding saturday.  my friend, jen, took over 2,000, so i will share more when she sends me some!  love yall.
p.s. james and i got home today just in time to see the end of the chiefs' and packers' games.  blah.  hopefully both teams will make the playoffs!!!

p.p.s. maybe i should wear makeup more often.  i look a whole lot better with it...


Anonymous said...

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Betty Pickerel said...

God made you extremely beautiful without makeup. It is the inner spiritual beauty with your earthly natural beauty that makes you a cutie pie.

Erin said...

To be honest, I like your all-natural, sporty pictures better. I guess it's the hippy in me. :)

Erin said...

Dear Kettle,

You should update your blog.