Monday, October 4, 2010

love ya, grandpa

my grandfather passed away last week.  even though he was 88, it was semi-unexpected and very tough for our family.  james, parker and i drove to lawrence on monday and spent the whole week with my dad and relatives.  i learned many new things about my grandpa including that he led a team of mechanical engineers to perfect the process for coating m&m's (3,300 pounds an hour in the 1950's!) and that he received several patents for his incredible creations on other research projects.  he was a loving father and grandfather who deeply cared about his family.  he was generous, selfless and humble.  he had a strong work ethic and spent many hours working on the family farm (which motivated him to earn his degree from KU). 
here is a link to his obiturary:

i love the photo my aunt submitted from his pilot days in the army (WWII):
i am really glad my grandpa got to meet parker.  even though he only had 1 grandson (out of 8 grandkids), he has 4 great-grandsons (out of 5!)
james, parks, dad, sister, fiance and me after the funeral.  dad changed out of his suit before i could snap a photo.  our family hates dressing up :)
some of our family at my dad's house.  it was nice to be able to spend time with everyone.
here we are at a ku football game a few years ago.  love this pic!
i love you, grandpa, and your presence will be deeply missed at all of our family gatherings!!!

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