Wednesday, February 23, 2011

birthday party planning

james has been picking up a few extra shifts to take days off for all of my travel this month, so what have i been up to while he works for 24 hours?  nothing better than planning parker's 2nd birthday party.  these screenshots are very much works in progress, but here's what i've got so far...

parker LOVES elmo.  elmo/melmo is his favorite word, and he always says it with the biggest smile on his face.  even though i don't think elmo is a particulary "cool" or modern birthday theme, it's all about parker and what he wants.  here's why i put together for the invitation and plan to print on cardstock and put on scrapbooking paper...
i saw someone made waterbottle labels so i tried to copy them
they have this cake pan at hobby lobby, and i'm confident my super cake decorator neighbor, heather, can replicate it!
the shirts i ordered as party favors with the kids' names on the back. i have parker's hanging in his closet and everytime i show it to him, he yells "elmo" and wants to put it on.  not until the party little man!
i need to make a checklist of other party necessities (plates, napkins, activities, etc.), but that is enough for tonight and we are planning to keep the party small.  hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  i know these two are in mexico as we enjoyed their wedding last weekend.
time for my nightly glass of skim milk and prenatal pill (it is the only time of day i can take them without feeling sick).  sweet dreams, love yall!

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