Thursday, February 24, 2011

favorite baby photos

james and i have been talking about buying a nice camera for the birth of baby #2.  i love, love photography, but i have been hesitant to invest in a good camera for fear it would make me feel guilty if i ever got parker's pictures professionally done.  when i look at professional photos vs. most people who try to take them at home with a nice camera, they never seem to turn out quite as nice.  at the same time, i think half of it is actually planning a portrait time and setting up all of the props to make it look like a professional shoot.  there is part of me that loves this creative aspect of it and even though i don't have photoshop (or the knowledge of it), i have :).

we haven't reached a final decision on the camera (and i have no clue what to buy so if you have suggestions of easy to use cameras for $500 or less that look professional, let me know!).  in the meantime i've been thinking about what makes a cute baby photo.  i collected a few photos of sweet newborns and tried to find common themes in what works:
**sleeping babies
**big hats
**woven sacks
**furry rugs
**big shells to rest the baby in

oh they are sooo cute!  can't wait to have another baby!

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Erin said...

My brother-in-law is an amazing photographer. He did a photoshoot for us in November with the dog, and it was incredible! He got both the camera plus two lenses and the case from Costco for about $700. He said that a lot of the camera bodies are similar, but the lenses are really important. His flickr account is He also said that you can look at photos on flickr and see what type camera they were shot with. I know it is a lot of money, but the camera really makes a difference,

PS Such cute baby photos! I love the party theme for Parker. You are right. It is about him. I just can't believe he's going to be 2 already!