Saturday, March 5, 2011

elmo saturday

i am going to apologize in advance for all of the elmo posts coming over the next few weeks as i am collecting supplies for parker's bday party, but...yesterday we got our elmo pinata in the mail!!!

btw, i ordered most of his supplies from birthday express (and be sure to look for a coupon code before placing your order).  with a toddler i have a new affinity for shopping online!

here is the all glorious 2 ft. tall pinata (it is pull string, which is safer for the lil' kids and also preserves elmo so he can be used as a room decoration later).
 parker wanted to pose beside can't tell but he is saying "cheeeese" here, so sweet.
 the elmo pinata was the highlight of his day.  i can't count the # of times parker chirped "elmo!" today.  he even cried when i would not let him take him in his bed for night night.
 he kept going up to elmo and hugging and kissing him (and maybe hitting and kicking him a few times).  muah!!
 ahhh!!  let's get the party started, momma!!
 and there you have our day (plus yoga, ku watch party, friends' surprise party and a neighbor's bday party)...but elmo was definitely parker's favorite part!!!
love yall!  sweet dreams and rock chalk!  it's almost tournament time baby!


Emily Weaver said...

So adorable. The best picture is mom with parks :)

kacie said...

love the KU gear! he is such a cutie!

Nicole said...

I agree the KU gear is great, I think Elmo needs a KU shirt too!

Whitney said...

Um, I LOVE the pull string pinata. GREAT idea. Thanks for all the links. I'll definitely be checking it out. :)