Wednesday, March 23, 2011

dad of the year

as much as i hate people bragging about how awesome their spouse is, i am very thankful for james and what a wonderful husband and father he is.  over the last few months, i have been traveling a lot, and james has sacrificially taken vacation days to stay home and watch parker. 

for two weeks in a row in february, i got stuck in airports waiting for the snow and ice to clear up at xna so i could fly home.  james was not just home with parker by himself for 5 days each week (which was originally supposed to be 3 days), but he was stuck inside because of the snow and maintained a very positive attitude throughout the whole thing. 

to get out of the house, he traded his snow shoveling services for the neighbors' babysitting time so he could have a few hours to himself, and some of our wonderful friends knew james was home alone and invited him and parker over for dinner.  he also tried to keep parker entertained with various activities like sledding...
 and making snowmen...
 snow snow and more snow!

i know this picture is blurry, but you can still see james and parker's expressions and it captures their fun-loving spirits and relationship.  they have so much fun together and i know will be such great friends as parker grows up.
i am glad that is is spring.  i am happy to be done traveling, and thankful we can hangout as a family and enjoy the lovely weather!  i just finalized my last day of work: may 27th and first day back (september 1st) and can't wait to spend the whole summer focused on building memories with my sweet babies and james.  here's to extra family time in t-minus 2 months!! 
love yall!

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Katie said...

That's so great, Silvy! The Packers picture of Parker and James is adorable.

And YAY for having a summer break!