Sunday, May 1, 2011

happy anniversary baby!

"you wear white and i'll wear out the words 'i love you' and 'you're beautiful'..."
tuesday marks our 3 year wedding anniversary!  i can honestly say marrying james was the best decision of my life and i would make the same decision every day since then.  without making this overly cheesy and cliche (too late), i love spending time with james and there is no one i would rather spend the rest of my life with.  i always look forward to coming home from work and giving him and big hug and kiss, and i think he would say the same thing.
we still have fun and laugh together, which is refreshing and really helps hold our marriage together.  even though our relationship looks different than it did pre-kids, the responsibility of adult/parenthood makes life that much more fulfilling.  pouring love, time, money and energy into our marriage and kids gives a deeper sense of purpose.  it is so nice to have a true partner in raising parker and i don't know what i would do without james' help in the process.
our relationship is comfortable and open.  we don't have extreme highs or lows and the stability of our friendship gives peace.  it is nice to have someone with similar interests who compliments my personality so well.  we love doing everything together from going on walks every night to playing golf, cards, grilling out, etc.  while i am much more of a planner and organizer, james is extremely easy going and laid back. 
thank you, james, for being the rock and foundation of our family.  i can't imagine my life without you and thank God for bringing us together.  you are my best friend and everything.  love you!!


kristina said...

Congrats. Great pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Love to hear how happy and in love you guys still are! Hope to see you two soon!