Thursday, April 28, 2011

t-minus 5 weeks!

my little sister's wedding is 5 weeks away!!  which means baby kehrli's due date is 5 weeks and 3 days away!  (and i only have 4 more weeks of work!)  i just got my bridesmaid dress in the mail yesterday and thankfully it (semi) fits.  the chest is wayyyy too big (which might the first time ever) so i'll have to get that taken in.  i had to order the dress in January and had absolutely no idea what size to get, so i am thankful that it zips up!! my very prego belly looks rather odd shaped but it will work (and i have no makeup on in this pic but that is pretty typical these days).
 this is really a better reflection of my current 35 week shape.  watch out for the big belly!
maybe if the baby drops more, the dress will fit better.  here's to hoping i don't go into labor the day of or day before the wedding.  i already checked out kansas city hospitals and have everything ready to go if i have our little one out of state. please, baby kehrli, wait for your due date!!!

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