Saturday, April 16, 2011

heavy heart

my heart is broken tonight for my high school friend, ali, and her husband, tommy--they lost their 5 year old boy in a car accident today.  tommy's parents were driving on k-10 when a car went across the median and hit them head on (both vehicles were going 70mph and there were no skid marks so it was a very bad crash).  their little girl was not breathing but firefighters rescitated her and she is in the lawrence hospital in critical care.  here is a link to the story:

i know ali loved her little boy sooo much and i sit here crying thinking about how she must be feeling.  if i had to look at parker's lifeless body at his funeral knowing he would never breath again, laugh again, smile, hug me, etc. i don't know if i could do it.  it is just so sad.  a few weeks ago ali and were talking about how her son was starting football this year and how she had been waiting 5 years for this day (we both love sports and are so excited to watch our kids play them) and now she will never get to watch him. 

here is a picture of her sweet little boy.  she has a lot of photos of him and i am sure she is thankful for every single one right now. 
i need to get off the computer before i drive myself nuts thinking about this, but it is all that is consuming my thoughts right now.  love you all.

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Erin said...

This is so tragic. I'm sitting in my office crying for them. I just pray that Courtlyn recovers.