Sunday, April 10, 2011

upcoming events

in an effort to mentally prepare for upcoming events before baby kehrli arrives (in 8 short weeks!), here is what we have on our calendar for our next few months...

*baby shower for baby kehrli next weekend!
*james--camping trip with his brother and best friend from high school
*easter!  we will have guests so i'm going to order a meal from honey baked ham and just focus on cleaning...makes life so much easier!
*baby shower for my friend, sara, who is having a little girl in july!

*3 year wedding anniversary!
*mother's day
*florida/disney trip (james and parks with james' family)

*abbey & brett's wedding in kc!!  james, parker and i are all in it
*baby kehrli is due (3 days later...we'll see how that goes)
*father's day

*levi's wedding--james is in it and i am going to stay home with the boys in arkansas, but...
*erin is flying in for 5 days!!  can't wait!
*mini vacay at our friends' cabin (have i mentioned i love going to the lake?)
i am taking off work may 27th-sept 1st, so hopefully this will be an incredibility relaxing and enjoyable summer where we can make lots of memories as a family and enjoy our time together.

and because i can't do a  post without some parker lovin', we got a new store at our mall this week, crazy 8. i got a few little things for p including this new hat (and a smaller one for his brother...can't wait to dress them in matching outfits).  parker usually hates hats, but i got him to keep this one on for a few minutes yesterday.  isn't he so cute!! :)
love yall!


Erin said...

Yay! I am excited to see the boys and have some down time... So much going on right now ahhhhhhhhh!

kristina said...

I am so excited you have the summer off. we will be in arkansas by the summer (may hopefully) and I am so excited to come hang out with you!