Tuesday, April 19, 2011

update on the accident

i have been pretty sad about cainan's death...and by that i mean i have cried every day since it happened.  the newspaper released more information about the driver who went across the median and what do you know--he tested positive for having several drugs (pot and several prescriptions you are not supposed to take and drive) in his system that impaired his reaction time on top of him having a suspended/expired driver's license.  he should never have been on the road that day, and our friends were literally feet away from their exit off the highway when he went across the median and struck them head on.  i know dwelling on that does not change the fact that little cainan was stripped of his life, but it makes me angry.  there have been many comments and posts on the newspaper articles about how the road is dangerous and needs barrier cables or a median. although that might help, if we could just stop people from driving negligently that would've prevented this whole tragedy.  i know his family is hurting and grieving as well and we all make mistakes, but it is just hard to forgive his actions. 

look at this sweet face:
and this one from his obituary...the funeral is tomorrow and i hope they have a lot of people come out to support cainan and the shutt's.  i know a memorial fund is set up and the community is planning other events like a cainan shutt memorial softball tournament in june, which has been very encouraging to ali and tommy.
in the midst of cainan's loss, his little sister, courtlyn is on the path to recovery!  courtlyn is just one month younger than parker and ali wrote me last week before the accident that courtlyn would've loved to come to parker's bday party because she looooves elmo.  i am so glad that the doctor's think she will be able to fully recover, broken neck and all.  look at this sweet photo of her from today.  isn't she beautiful?

james said i need to stop looking at all of the photos of cainan because i am just making myself depressed.  i'm not sure why it is hitting me so hard, but i just can't imagine if that happened to p.  i told james he and parker are never allowed to die because i would go crazy.  i am not good about losing people in my life and it just tears me apart even though i know and believe we will see them again someday.  anyway, hopefully with the positive updates on courtlyn this will turn into a story of hope, love and the support of a community.  i am still praying for my friends every day, but i know God has a plan for everything.  love yall and make sure to give your little ones extra hugs and kisses tonight!!!


Katie said...

I read the last post and this one and it leaves this empty feeling inside--I can't fathom losing a child. My heart breaks for your friends and I will pray for them, too. And I will pray for you, too. I'm glad you've shared this--people need to know the consequences of their ignorant decisions. You cannot replace a life. Love you, friend.

Nicole said...

This is so heartwrenching. Last Sunday I requested prayers at our Sunday school class for your friend and his little boy. They will continue to be in my prayers and so will his sister now. Have you read the book Heaven is Real? It is an excellent book about a little boy who dies for a brief time and returns but visits heaven. I think you would enjoy it but make sure you have some tissues handy. There is even a mention of JBU in it. It is a true story though.