Saturday, April 24, 2010


so these are 3 weeks late, but life is finally slowing down a little. happy easter!
mom, sis and me--it was sooooo windy!
james' family!
sis and bro-in-law-to be! oh parks, you lil' squirmy rascal
sports themed easter eggs! parker get ready for high expectations :)
flowers left over from the birthday party made a great centerpiece
parker's buddy jack and him in children's place vests at church!a wonderful easter. so nice to be surrounded by friends and family for the holiday. tyson donated hams to our office (they are one of our clients) and everyone pitched in to prepare a delicious sunday dinner. it is going to be an annual tradition of easter at our place from here on.
love you all and hope you are having a lovely weekend. parker and i walked 3.1 miles in the rain this morning for race for the cure, good times :).


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such cute pictures!

Erin said...

How can Parker possibly be that big?? What a little monster! :)