Friday, April 9, 2010

Parker's 1st Birthday Party!

happy birthday parker!! (and james). we had parker's party from 6:30-8:00 and james' celebration from 8pm on the same night. although more people showed up than i was ancipating and and it was a lil' overwhelming at times, parker had a great time and i was glad so many friends and family were able to make it. we took this picture right after parker smashed his cake.
i stole this idea from another blog, but thought it was so cute! i got the chipboard letters, paper, and ribbon from hobby lobby when they were all on sale.
dessert table. we had pizza, sandwiches, chips, etc. but this table was the main event. walmart has a super cute section of candy separated by color, so i picked up the sixlets, runts, gummi worms, etc. there. we made frog cupcakes from this website. I found other lil' frog decorations in the dolar section at target (love the dollar section!).
to stay with the green theme, we made spinach dip pinwheels and mint almond bark.
i am a big fan of giving people a healthy snack option at parties. plus the pineapple was on sale for $2.50 and the strawberries were $1.50 a carton! love that fruit season is here! (and every single piece of fruit was eaten by the end of the party)
we got parker's cake from the pinnacle local market by our house.the cake lady, nina, was super nice and made these matching pedifors and sugar cookies. love them!
party favors: handpainted chocolate frong lollipops from etsy, delicious!!we tried to get a picture of all of the moms and babies, but we missed kaye, brandi and amanda. still lots of lil' ones!james and some of his best friends (trying to be fruity).my lil' sis and her fiance, brett. can't wait for their wedding!love you all and hope you have a wonderful sunday!!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, Happy Birthday to Parker. Such a cute party!

wendy said...

super cute!

marcia truitt said...

Congrats on Parker's 1st birthday! Time sure goes by fast!

Erin said...

So cute!! I love the frog/green theme. We just moved to married student housing, and everyone here has little ones... it's like grad student breeding ground. I love watching all the kids play, but it makes it that much harder to wait. :)