Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hiking: devil's den

oh i love hiking. i love being outdoors and there is no where i feel closer to God than in the middle of his beautiful creation.
we started the day with church and a delicious burrito from qdoba (closest thing we have to chipotle in arkansas):then we met up with our newlywed friends: sarah and david. aren't they so cute?!?
the background looks like a painting, so beautiful!
aww to be newlyweds again! (ha)
parker loves hiking, too, especially since he gets carried around in dad's backpack all day
we got a lil' lost and ended up going further than planned, but everyone still had a great time
oh parks :)
i love you!
now if you would just learn how to walk!
until next time, love you all! (and we are finally, finally going to hawksbill crag next weekend with our friend who is a photographer to do real family pics. can't wait!!!)
p.s. go lee dewyze! i know everyone loves crystal and she is great, too, but lee has been my fav all along!

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wendy said...

thanks, silvy!

and i really like them. i actually put an application to BlogHer on a whim, and just assumed i'd never get accepted. when i did at the tail end of march, i was shocked. it's not like i get A LOT of traffic, but so far i've made like, 2 bucks? haha!