Thursday, August 2, 2012


i love this picture.  not only do i love these ladies & these kids, but i love that i've gotten to spend time with them over the last two years in a community group.

at jbu, the term "community" was so overused most students grew desensitized to it.  it wouldn't surprise me if community groups are on the satirical list of stuff white people like.  but over the last two years, our family has been blessed to be a part of a great community (i don't like the word group because it sounds so exclusive) of people who have become some of our best friends.

it is not easy to be a part of a community group with young children.  the logistics of coordinating babysitters, food, locations, etc mixed with the guilt of sending your child with a babysitter after working during the day is sometimes too much.  there have been times when we've thought about stopping and i'm sure others have as well, but we've pressed on and can see the rewards of effort put into the relationships. 

the ladies above are beautiful inside and out, and it is so nice to walk down the street and see smiling faces of friends who've been there through the celebrations and struggles.  tomorrow we get to find out the sex of a baby on the way and i can't wait to cut into the cake! 

(invitation designed by jennifer of parents playground who has been working hard perfecting the details of the party)

here's to another great year of community, growth & support traversing the crazy world of life parenting toddlers together.  love!

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Natasha said...

We just moved halfway across the country and I left an awesome group of mom friends who happened to randomly meet through a group through the local health clinic. We were such a support to each other in these, the early mom years, and I miss them a lot. Good groups of supportive friends are hard to find and it's good you have one.