Tuesday, August 14, 2012

chicken parmesan bake

one of my goals in staying at home is to cook more.  so far, not so good.  blame it on traveling, lack of appetite in the summer heat, whatever makes me feel better, but i have yet to become mrs. domestic.  cooking can be overwhelming--finding recipes, planning meals, shopping, forgetting important items in said recipes and cleaning up, blah.  however, i've realized that i do not have to find a recipe for every single meal.  for lunch--sandwiches, soups, macaroni, chicken nuggets, pizza, leftovers, etc fit the bill (or are at least better than eating fast food).  for dinners when the husband is working, i keep it simple as well. so my amended goal of cooking more is to plan 4 solid dinners a week. 

this week is off to a good start--sunday we made pulled pork sandwiches in the slow cooker and last night we cooked chicken parm bake

delicious and easy! cleanup is minimal as well--no pans, bowls, nothing besides a cutting board to chop up the fresh basil (yum!).

i also put together a little excel spreadsheet i put together of all of the meals we enjoy.  below is part of the work in progress...i added many more items and hyperlinks to the recipes for easier planning. 

love you all and have a wonderful week!


Erin said...

I know it's intimidating, but once you find what works for you and your family, it's easy to rotate through your meal staples. Then you can throw in something new every once in a while. :)

PS That looks pretty delicious!

Sarah Charnes said...

Hi Silvy! I am loving your blog. Your posts are really interesting/informative, and I share your love of spreadsheets! :)

Kim said...

The Zip list app is super useful for not forgetting ingredients the store, and it makes grocery lists in a flash!