Saturday, August 18, 2012

friday fun day: fire station

we had our second official week of playgroup yesterday and toured the springdale fire station.  i am not one to think guys in uniform are especially attractive, but man, look at that hottie of a husband :).
the kids got to use the big hose to knock over a cone and loved it. 
james' major at john brown was youth ministry, so i think it is neat that he gets to lead tours and go to schools to talk about fire safety. 
paxton stomping around the fire station like a big kid.
nolan, shelley & 11 day old baby allyn!  nolan and parker were in the same class at kids day out last year and became bff's.  nolan is the only kid i've ever met who is younger than parker and taller than him!  they always have a wild & great time together.
baby kate.  she is no longer the baby though as we just found out her mom will be having another girl around christmas!
 baby brynn already toddling as well!  she is exactly one month younger than pax.
sweet sloane, parker's neighbor, soccer buddy, and sunday school friend.  he and parks are only 7 days apart!
baby lucas.  our newest neighborhood baby!

big brother dylan, another great neighbor friend.  some of my favorite kids!!

after our tour we chowed down on pudding chip cookies (looove them) and mr. james gave everyone fire safety stickers and coloring books.  it was a wonderful outing and i look forward to more fun fridays in the upcoming weeks!  love yall and hope you are having wonderful weekends.

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