Wednesday, November 5, 2008

19 weeks!!

141 lbs, woah

feeling better than ever!

ahhh obama won. what a nice relief. i think it just hit me last night that we elected a black president! so exciting.

it's been an eventful week for james and me. after sitting, waiting, wishing for over a week that our offer would get accepted, we officially signed our contract! the home became a foreclosure two weeks ago so we got a great deal on it. i haven't taken any pictures yet, but i found this one on the benton county accessor's website. did you know you can look up any property in most counties across the nation and see who owns it along with a picture and its appraised value? my mom actually found the website for arkansas and saw this picture of our house:

we absolutely love it. after looking for so long for a home and realizing we were pregnant the day before we were going to sign another contract in august, we know God used all of that to bring us to this house with complete peace and confidence. now we can set up the baby's room and get everything organized before april 1st!

the neighborhood is wonderful and safe--there are a ton of other moms and even a home daycare down the street, plus a community pool and playground. we haven't decided if both james and i will work after we have baby kehrli. more to come about that in a later entry.

time for bed. james is traveling this week so i am home alone. i absolutely HATE being home alone, like worse than anything else in the world. i would rather have morning sickness with someone in the house than be here by myself. oh well, someday i will grow up into a big, indepent girl. love you all.


Kim said...

so exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of the baby's decorated room!

Gow_spot said...

wow silvy, the house is HUGE!
that's so great!

take in a bunch of chick flicks while you can this week. =)

and can't wait to see ya'll this weekend!

Katie Baskins said...

Yay for the house! It's beautiful!!

Michelle said...

Just found you over here!
Any thoughts on the decor for the room?