Wednesday, November 12, 2008

20 weeks

20 weeks--big ultrasound tomorrow!

143 lb.

ahhh what a day. i stayed up all night throwing up from 1-6am, blah. i tried to go into work this morning, but when i threw up at work my boss told me to go home and rest. after a big bottle of ginger ale and some saltine crackers, i am finally feeling a little better. the helplessness of throwing up everything, even water, reminded me of the last 3 days of ecuador. i have never been more miserable in my life. so much for morning sickness ending after the first 12 weeks.

last night was also the first night of our marriage that james slept on the couch :(. after 3 hours of me running to the bathroom every 15 minutes, he sweetly asked if he could go in the other room. as much as i selfishly wanted to say no, i wanted him to get a little sleep before work so i let him go. sad day.

tomorrow is our big ultrasound, though! i can feel the baby kicking more and more, so i know he is still alive. i say "he," but we're not finding out the sex. since the whole pregnancy has been a surprise, i decided to go all out and not plan anything. my mom already bought the baby over 200 outfits from garage sales that will work out whether its a boy or girl. i have no shame in dressing our kids in garage sale clothes. in a world full of debt and financial strain, james and i are trying to be as frugal as possible to eliminate unneeded stress. our goal is to have our house paid off in 10 years or less and have no more debt for the rest of our lives. that freedom is worth so much more to us than clothing our newborn in a designer wardrobe.

several casual coworkers asked me if my baby was with a boyfriend or husband or who. what an offensive question! i don't really care because i can always answer that yes, i am married. however, what if i wasn't? it would be stressful enough to be a single, unmarried mom without rude questions and judgement.

i am 25 years old, though! that is not an unusual age to have a first child. i just looked on, and the average age of women when they give birth for the first time is 25.2 yrs (in 2006). i will be older than that when i have our child! pshhh.

time for some pictures. my belly ballooned out these last two weeks!!! as a comparison, here are photos from weeks 18 and 19 respectively:



Sadie said...

You look so cute!
We didn't find out whether Norah was a boy or girl either. It was so much fun, being in the dark until she was born. And since all the expensive gear we got (car seat, stroller, beddding, etc) will work for either a boy or a girl, we will be able to use it for all of our other kids as well.
You'll have to let me know when the baby shower is. I love buying baby things. Oh! And I have some newborn diapers I could give you too...

Rebecca said...

Your mom is so cute! I love the idea of being as frugal as possible. I'm on a mission to pay off my school loan within 3 years after graduating. We'll see. As far as the baby clothes, I love looking back at my baby pictures and seeing how my parents dressed me had nothing to do with how happy I was! :)

Kim said...

Sounds like you and james are being really wise about your money! Why put more stress on yourself with debt!?! Can't wait to see the ultrasound pictures.

Gow_spot said...

show that lil belly with pride mamita!

was great to see you and jimboy last weekend Silvy!

wanna come our way to visit sometime?
would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have ya!

Molly said...

You are such a cute little pregnant lady. I'm so excited for all your grown-up stuff =)

Michelle said...

So cute dear. And you're being very smart. I'm glad to finally see some belly pics!

Jenny said...

Silvy, you have such a cute baby bump! And hooray! You're showing! There really is a little guy in there ;)Sorry to hear you're still getting sick! I know a girl who was awfully sick the first trimester and then it came back really bad the third trimester! Hope you're feeling better today! Enjoy seeing your baby!

Erin said...

You look so cute! I need to know about baby showers too! I have a little sumthin' sumthin' for ya.

You better be posting a new picture of the little one soon! I'm anxious to see. :)

Jenn Eastman said...

the picture of you is beautiful! i'm sorry you've been feeling sick :( today one of my friends here had her baby and we went to the hospital and visited her and the baby was so cute, it made me so excited for you!!