Wednesday, November 19, 2008

21 weeks

143 lbs.
getting the flu last week kinked my steady weight gain. i've also started working out at the RAC 3-4 days/week, so that might be part of it.

i feel so behind in life right now. even though most of the items on my to do list are menial, they still hang over my head. every time i catch up on facebook messages new ones arrive, not to mention blog replies that i've wanted to write for a week. oh and wedding thank you cards--ashamedly i still have about 20 more to finish. right when i catch up with those i will have to start baby thank you notes for all of the gifts from the in-laws' shower over christmas break, which reminds me that i desperately need to make baby registries before they ask again. oh and i really would like to write the first annual kehrli christmas letter from james, me, and baby-to-be, and i need to make shutterfly wedding photo albums for Christmas presents for my mom and MIL, on top of all of the other presents i need to buy. when did i get so behind?

james and i packed boxes for 4 hours last night. we separated everything into master bedroom, baby bedroom, guest bedroom, kitchen, etc., so hopefully moving will go smoothly. organizing our stuff was pretty cathartic, actually. i think i am going to get a maid at our new house. james is against it, but neither of us enjoy cleaning, and we have the money to pay for someone to come every other week, so i feel like it is a good investment. as i get more and more pregnant, i have even less of a desire to clean our home. i was not meant to be a stay at home wife/mom, and it would eliminate so much stress to have help.

speaking of stress, james and i check our stock portfolio online every day. if it is a good day, i make sure to tell him to look at it, and if the bears dominate, i keep quiet and hope he'll forget about looking. analysts say not to look at your portfolio during this low economic time, but we're still considering selling one of the stocks for the down payment on our house, so i keep looking. i should just stop--it does no good. we have money in savings, but i am sick of having stock and worrying what it will look like next week.

even though i started this blog about pregnancy, i rarely think about it right now other than daily prayers for our young one. during the first trimester, i read magazine after magazine about pregnancy and babies, but right now it feels healthy to take a short hiatus from the madness. i'm still upset at our ultrasound tech for only letting us take one picture on our digital camera last week and how terrible it is. i guess i shouldn't say any picture of our baby is awful, but the tech would not even wait for our baby to move his hands or the umbilical cord so we could see it's face :(. here is the disappointing pic:

i feel like this entry is really negative. things could be much worse, and my selfishness to have a cute ultrasound pic is greatly overshadowed by our healthy baby (10 inches, 12 ounces!) and healthy mom. i am actually really happy right now, and james and i are so so so excited to move and get settled into our new place. oh and i don't have the cystic fibrosis recessive gene!! (i opted for testing--it is a new test that is different from downs testing and only requires a sample of blood, but 1 in 29 caucasian americans has it, even with no family history) so none of our kids have any chance of the disease! if both james and i tested positive, we probably would not have any more kids of our own and would have adopted, so it is kind of a big deal.

i am excited for thankgiving! so many things to be thankful for: family, such great family, who have been so supportive throughout the pregnancy (thank you abbey and mom!), james, wonderful in-laws who spoil us, a healthy baby!!!, a fairly smooth pregnancy, time and energy to workout, many friends in the area, a delicious birthday dinner at p.f. changs, jobs my husband and i enjoy, etc. God is good.

i need to blog more so every entry does not feel like excessive, random word vommit. maybe when life slows down i will get in a better routine. love you all!!!


Michelle said...

Sorry you feel so negative and overwhelmed. I hope you feel better.

You should re-read my blog post by the way. ;)

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Haha! I'm glad i'm not the only one who feels behind!! Between research and teaching I barely have time to walk the dog, let alone do laundry! I haven't even thought about the wedding in months. And I am definitely getting a maid as soon as I can afford it!

Don't look at your stocks right now. You don't need to retire for a long time.

Sorry for making fun of you. It does look like fried chicken. :)

Katie Baskins said...

Don't worry about feeling negative! It's good to vent and let things out. I don't think you're being negative--just honest. I worry sometimes that my entries sound negative, too, but then people tell me they appreciate my honesty. Honesty is good!! I'm so glad Baby K is doing so well and I'm glad you're doing well, too! Oh, and I still have thank you notes from baby showers from months ago that haven't been sent. Hmph. I think I'll just send out birth announcements and call it a day!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the comment! AND Wow! I've heard of the ultrasounds that are like an actual picture, but I've never seen one! That is so cool! It's good to hear baby and mom are healthy!


Sadie said...

Look at that baby! So exciting. We got 3Dultrasounds at the very end of the pregnancy and it was incredible. I'll show you the pictures when you come to my house to play cards with us and listen to me babble on about Norah because that is my favorite thing to do.
(Do you like my secret hidden card playing invitation?) : )
Seriously, we'll make some plans.

Kim said...

I think the picture is a great whole body shot! But I can see how you would be disappointed if you were really looking forward to a face shot! Hopefully we'll get to see you soon, Nick and I have been soo busy so we totally understand!