Saturday, July 4, 2009

3 months

dear parker,
happy fourth of july! you are now 3 months, 1 day old. you are no longer technically a newborn. each day keeps getting better and better, and we are excited to share in these glory months with you. you recognize mom and dad more and get excited when we walk into a room. when you hear our voices, you look around to find the source. parker, we love you.

man we love your smiles. we don't have to work for them any more, but rather you smile when you simply look at dad's or mom's face. thanks for the self-esteem booster, parks.
you are so active! you love the jumparoo, the baby einstein kick center, and of course you still love trying to stand.

we constantly get comments on how massively huge you are (last week you were 15 pounds). i remember telling someone you were 10...weeks and they thought i was going to say months! no one can believe how young you are when i share your age. your size helps you sleep through the night, and mom is v. thankful for that. you are averaging 8-9 straight hours (without a dreamfeed). go parker!
you are definitely drooling more. i don't think it's teething, but that should start in the next few months. you also got your first cold this week and a little stuffy nose. thank you daycare.
all of our swimming created a new love for bath time. dad gives you all of your baths and you love it. time to get ready for a wedding. you celebrated your first 4th with a neighborhood party (see picture at top), party and rogers fireworks viewing at kevin and kayla's (you slept right through them), and a wedding of an old jbu friend this evening.

love you tons and tons little guy! you are such a natural part of our family. muah!



Anonymous said...

i love the way youre writing to parker! so cool and he is super cute! hope you and james are doing well!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I love your letters!