Saturday, July 11, 2009


don't you love when you go back to reread old entries and see that you misspelled "feeding?" AND NO ONE SAID ANYTHING! which means you are just sitting at you computers snickering while reading. apparently i need to keep working so my brain doesn't turn completely to mush.

here's to proofreading blog entries and hitting that little spellcheck button before i publish entries. love yall :).


Jasmine said...

you are funny... I think everyone knew what you meant.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Exactly. I read it and said, "oh, she meant feeding" moved on and never looked back. Sorry lovey.

Nicole said...

Hmm I'm thinking you have a bit more on your mind then proofreading and spell check. Actually Lucas gave me a hard time on my blog for awhile so I started typing it up in word so I could do the spell/grammar check then paste it into my blog. *lol* We would rather hear wonderful stories about that beautiful boy anyway then just focus on spelling and other misc. stuff.