Monday, July 27, 2009


'twas a good weekend. very long, very full, but good. james had fire training on saturday and his boss randomly signed him for the centerton days fire competition with 4 firefighters from each area department (bentonville, rogers, fayettevill, little flock, maysville, etc.). there were 5 events and bentonville came home with 2 trophies! here are a few pics...

james is on the bottom--he kept getting buckets dropped on his head! haha
you can't tell, but this dummy weighs over 200lbs! james mandhandled it :)
walking in style
the wild hose. it was WILD and manhandled the firefighters (read slammed them onto the pavement multiple times and knocked off james' helmet twice).
aww now it is semi-under control.
parker also got new pictures's a little sneak preview
love yall!!!


Q, La, and Gooner said...

The strength of firefighters is amazing!

Molly K said...

Parker is the cutest thing ever with his football - all that's missing is a little KU logo on the ball =)

What a cute fam, you have Silvs!

Jenny Clements said...

AH, I can't believe how BEAUTIFUL Parker is... is that okay to say about a boy at this age? I hope so! He has the most perfect features! Are his pictures taken by an actual photographer, or like a jcpenney type deal? Just wondering what we should look into for our baby girl! Again, he's adorable!

emily said...

Haha, Wes told me the stories that James told him about the competition. I actually knew several people who went to the Centerton Days.

Jenn Eastman said...

go james!! and love the new picture of parker, he is such a doll!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Hey! You don't know me, (and I don't know you) but my husband, Darin Gwartney knows you. I randomly found your blog through Katie Baskins and suddenly remembered something. The other week, Darin and I were at Hobby Lobby buying a picture frame. Ya know those paper pictures they stick in the frames? Well, Darin said that one of them was YOU! Was it?? He swore up and down that he knew the girl in the frame...and that it was you. Ha!