Wednesday, January 27, 2010

on making baby food

a few weeks ago i suddenly had an urge to start making parker's baby food. overall, it went better than expected! parker actually liked some of the food, and i felt good feeding him high quality, healthy foods. we still use store bought food for road trips and babysitters, but i'm trying to do homemade food as much as possible.

for our first experience, we made:
*sweet potatoes (his absolute fav!)
*pears (liked as well)
*avocado (eh, so so)
*carrots (not really a fan. i mixed them with cereal and formula and he liked them much better)
*mango (not so hot either)
*(bananas...i usually just mash up part of a banana every morning when i eat one. he LOVES bananas)

the website has some really good starter recipes. james just happened to have a few friends over, so i organized them into a baby food making assembly line. here is mark peeling and chopping the fruits and veggies:
it was really funny peeling the mango, pears, etc. b/c these are all foods that we do not enjoy (but parks is going to like them! i am determined :)). and here is a pic of my husband who was not so thrilled about making baby food, but obligingly smoothed the purees with our mini food processor:
they didn't have icecube trays at the neighborhood market by our house so i bought little 3oz cups instead and they work perfectly! and this entry wouldn't be complete without a picture of our love bug eating his appetizer puffs in his high chair!

love! if you haven't tried making baby food, i highly suggest having fun with it!!


Melissa McMahan said...

i think lincoln would be content to eat bananas for every meal...and snacks in between. we go through them like CRAZY in our house!

Katie said...

Good for you! And way to utilize that help, too! :)

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to do this, too! I still have awhile though before I can try it. I love that you are feeding him things you don't like=) When I was pregnant, people told me to eat really healthy so that the baby would be used to those tastes...unfortunately I had a major sweet tooth during pregnancy so her vegetable of choice will probably be doughnuts!

kristina said...

i love making baby food! its kinda time consuming, but so worth it! how funny too, i was just about to write a post on baby food making :)

Diet DP Loving Mom said...

i thought about it and really thought i was going to do it, but in the end i decided not to. it's just the convenience of it all. i work and cook most of our meals, and didn't want to spend more time in kitchen. I'd rather spend it doing nothing with hubby or out with friends!

Erin said...

I'm going to be all about this when I have a little one! We have also already talked about feeding a variety of foods. Have you tried anything slightly spicy? :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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