Saturday, January 9, 2010

shopping cart/high chair cover

when parker turned 5 months old, i started looking for a cute high chair cover. we had one my mom found at a garage sale, and while it protected parker from germs, it wasn't exactly the epitome of cute. so i searched the internet for stylish high chair covers and stumbled upon this (from
love it! but $90? don't quite love it so much (see last post about being cheap). i couldn't find any other minky dot covers that i liked as much (target had the closest cover for around $20 or $25, but it didn't have any cushion). with my mom's help, we decided to make one. for less than $20, i give you our minky dot cover:
not bad for amateurs! we put a little too much stuffing in it, but it still serves its main purpose.
plus it has the added bonus of making parker happy when he sits in its plush yumminess. who wouldn't want to dine like this at hog haus?
and if parker gets hungry, he can just lean back into the pillow cover without bonking his head!
the only downside is that we usually get a few looks when we carry the cover into restaurants, but if it keeps parker happy for an hour and protects him from germs, i'll take it! knowing that i made it makes me happy, too.

hope everyone is having a great weekend! love yall!


Katie said...

Wow!! I'm impressed! Can you make one for me?? :) Parker looks like he's loving it, too! Way to go!!

And the looks are probably because people can't help but stare at those yummy delicious cheeks. :) I know I wouldn't be able to stop myself!

Erin said...


Marla said...

She looks so comfortable! :)

Marla said...

And when I put 'she' I swear I meant 'he.' I must be half brain dead today.