Tuesday, January 19, 2010


2010 resolutions:

1. lose 10 lbs (i'm 10 lbs. heavier then when we got married 2 years ago). actually there are days when i care, and other days when i tell myself there are more important things in life. however, i'm afraid that if i shrug off 10 lbs. then i might gain more, and i do have a lil' bit of a belly that would be nice to flatten before summer & pool season. then again, i'm probably going to get pregnant again soon so i go back and forth. if i replaced my daily dr. pepper with skim milk, i could probably lose 10 lbs, but d.p. is a highlight of my day and i don't know if it's worth giving up.

2. go to the gym more. if i go during my lunch break 2-3 days a week, that's a good start. then maybe once during the weekend and voila. james is doing p90x at home and i might do a few of the workouts with him after parker goes to bed. i love biggest loser and am going to try to do jumping jacks, crunches, pushups, etc. during the commercials instead of fast forwarding them. every little bit helps!

3. do more romantic things & acts of service for james. maybe clean & cook more often, too (maybe).

4. get to know my neighbors more. actually went to 2 neighbors homes last week so i'm off to a good start!

5. plan ahead for friends' birthdays, showers, etc.

6. make more baby food. not only does it save money, but homemade food has many nutritional benefits.

7. save more money. i might write a post about this soon, but i plan on putting more $ toward our house, upcoming car fund & parker's college fund.

what's not on the list:
*blog more (i love blogging, but there is just not enough time working full time and being a wife, parent, daughter, sister and friend)
*go out more
*take more road trips. we'll road trip for family but other than that i am all about getting to know the people who live close (fayetteville is often further than i want to drive).
*start a home-based business, j/k. actually, i plan on calling out on my blog anyone that asks me if want to "make a little extra money from home" or "have a mary kay facial." this year 10-15 peoplecome to mind--let's hope that number goes down in 2010.


Katie said...

Yay for homemade baby food! It's crazy how much money you can save!!

David and jill said...

I love #3! I think I'll put that on my list, too (for David, not for James). :)