Monday, June 14, 2010

looking back

i've been working on parker's first year shutterfly album for oh, 4 weeks (and there is still a long way to go).  before i had him, my goal was to do a nice album for each year of my children's lives.  that goal seems a lil' ambitious now (although i'm convinced that if i was a stay at home mom i would have time to do it), but at least i will have one album for parker's first year!  i don't know if i can keep up the pace of monthly photo shoots with each of our next children, but oh well.  i cherish the thousands of pictures i have of p!

one month.  i can barely remember when he was this little!
6 months!  chunky lil' monkey, but oh so cute!
one year!  love his personality!  love the smiles and belly laughs.
oh what a year it has been.  what a wonderful, joy-filled year.

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