Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the life

parker has the life.  seriously, he has no idea how good he has it.  james does, too.  here is a little peak into a typical day:
6:30am: parker wakes up.  (would like to push this back to 7 or 7:30 but i'm not complaining).
7:15am: p eats breakfast, usually applesauce (no sugar added :)), a banana (he stopped eating bananas for a while but now that he can bite off of the actual banana, he loves them again), 1/3 of my pbj & some of daddy's cereal.  he is such a little beggar when it comes to wanting to share mommy and daddy's food.
7:45: mom leaves for work
8:45: james and parker head to the gym:
they usually stay for 2 hours! sometimes 2 1/2. do you know how good of shape i could be in if i went the gym for 2 1/2 hours every morning?!?  jealous.
daddy loves lifting weights, playing basketball and relaxing in the hot tub.  it is a nice break in the day for him and satisfies the "i need to get out of the house" feeling. 
sweet playland at the gym (i have no idea who the kids are in the picture--just got it off the gym website, ha.  maybe i should take some pictures of parker at the gym... or that'd be completely weird...nah, i'll do it).  actually, according to james the teachers at the gym love parks and have taken pictures of him playing, but i have yet to get ahold of any of the photos.
p and daddy come home from the gym around 11:30 and parks goes straight to bed for 2-3 hours.  man, if i had 2-3 hours of free time in the middle of the day, i would cook, clean, blog daily, work on more shutterfly albums, etc.  or maybe i would just watch tv, but i'd like to think i could get a lot accomplished.  daddy and p play at home from 2-5 and then...
5:15 mommy gets home!  we often go to the pool or have dinner play dates with parker's best friends in the neighborhood, grahm and dylan.

around 7:45 parker goes to sleep and it is mommy and daddy time before it is time to start another day.  we all have a good life, and even though there are times i would rather be working out than stagnantly sitting a computer making pivot tables, there are many things i love about my job and life.

on the 1-2 days a week when james and i both work, parker goes over to my sweet neighbor cyndi's house.  even though p cries when we drop him off at the church nursery, he has never once cried when i've left him at cyndi's.  he loves her so much.  in fact, he's cried when i come to pick him up much more than drop him off.  p sure knows how to make a mommy feel good :).

but do you blame him?  look at this awesome bounce house she inflated for him to play in one day!  she takes him to the splash park, pool, etc. and he loves playing with her two kids. james mentioned the other day that he thinks parker is an extrovert because he just gets so excited when other kids are around.   
i am thankful for where we are.  after long distance dating, p's surprise 2 months into our marriage and job changes for james and me in the first year of marriage, it is nice to have comfortable stability right now.  sweet dreams and love you all!


kristina said...

hey. so i know this sounds a bit weird, but i miss you! i am so used to reading your blog that these past few weeks with moving etc... i havent had a chance. i finally caught up tonight and it was nice :) and your little p is so adorable! cant wait to see you all in person when we move.

Erin said...

Wow! Sweet life. :)

I wish I had 2+ hours / day to work out. I did that for a while in college, and I was hot! Oh well... life goes on.