Thursday, June 17, 2010

upcoming fun

james and i had kind of a lame-o winter in terms of vacation.  our spring break consisting of going to tulsa, and even though we got to stay in this decent hotel, it was mainly a work trip so it doesn't really count (although it was cheap!).
after being cooped up in arkansas for so long, we are very excited about our upcoming excursions!  james went camping in the ozarks last weekend with some of his college friends to kick off the summer (i got to visit my family in kansas).  this saturday we are going to my friend carajean's wedding (far left), and i am looking forward to seeing some of my old college friends.
they are having a nursery at the church for the wedding (awesome!) and i got this fun dress from white house to wear. 
in july my best friends from junior high and i are spending a week together in northern cal!  a few years ago we did the l.a./santa barbara/vegas tour, and this year we are touring san fran, napa and two nightst at spa on highway 1!  can't wait!!!  (parker is staying home with daddy and grandma)
and last but not least, in sept. we are taking a family trip to denver for my friend jinger's wedding!  (far right).  we worked together at pwc and i can't wait to see her walk down the aisle in colorado.

i love summer, love traveling, and love how appreciative i am to be home after trips!

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