Sunday, June 20, 2010


i am exhausted tonight because parker did not want to go to bed until 9:45pm (as opposed to his 7:30pm norm), thus totally wiping out any "me" time.  last night p didn't go to bed until 9:30pm because of the wedding, and his whole schedule is still out of whack.  as much fun as it is to hang out with friends, i've found it is soooo much easier to come home by 7:30pm.  as limiting as that sounds, our whole family is much happier and productive when we adhere to normal bedtimes.  plus it is nice to spend time with james each night around the house and relax. 

for the last month or two i've found myself doodling potential baby names on the sunday church bulletin even though we're still figuring out the timeline for baby #2.  here are some favorites:
1. paxton (i love this name and think it sounds so cute to say "parker and paxton" but james says it is too preppy/metro).
2. preston (see response above from james.  i would really like 2 p names :)).
3. princeton (sure it's a lil' haughty, but i think kids generally grow into their names and hopefully it would encourage studious habits).
*besides all of these names starting with p, i love the strong hard "t" sound in them.
4. perkins (it could be cute).
5. payton (this is the only one james likes of the list, but i like it more for a girl).
other p's: prescott (now that is preppy!), pierce (although it reminds me of paul pierce who james dislikes even though he is a former jayhawk!), paul (BIL's name), peter (know too many creepy peters), etc.

and if we don't go with p, the other three names i still like from our first pregnancy:
1. blaze (there is something about the "z" that i love).
2. cash (how can you not smile when you say cash kehrli?)
3. hunter (hard t again)

james pretty much hates all of these names, but hopefully by the time #2 is here we can agree on something.  oh and girl names?  j reminded me again today that he is only capable of creating boys (the mantra he chanted our whole first pregnancy even though i was convinced we were having a girl).

and last but not least, here are a few of parker's one year pictures i never posted from a few months ago.  love him!!
sweet dreams!!


Melissa said...

ha! i TOTALLY thought Paul Pierce when I saw pierce, too! and i LOVE perkins. i think that's my favorite :) adorable pictures!!

Jenny Clements said...

I like Perkins too, but more for a middle name. My favorite is Paxton. I could totally see two little boys, Parker and Paxton (with chubby cheeks). Paul had a girl cousin named paaton. I like it better for a girls name too!

I've actually been brainstorming new names as well! We are hoping to wait 3-4 years for baby #2, but I think we've already decided on the girl name!!! ;)

Liz said...

I love Parker's little yummy cheeks!! And, I like your names options. Some of the ones on Jason's list for our first time around were: Ace and Pilot (ha...there's a 'p' for you).

Names are SO hard because the poor kid is stuck with it forever. :-) Personally I think that boy names are harder to come up with than girl names. I know you'll come up with a good one. And, oh...if you do name baby #2 Paul, I will pray that he won't be quite as active as his uncle. Gosh, I remember Paul from when he was in 2nd grade. More than once we heard Mary scream, the back door bang...and Paul laugh!!:-)

Anonymous said...

I like your unique style with names! Paxton is my favorite;)

Erin said...

Baby names are so much fun! I'm constantly thinking up new ones... although I think this annoys Cam a little because we aren't planning on babies for a couple years yet.

I totally agree about Peter... I just have really, really bad associations with that name. Payton is cute for a girl as well as Paxton. I like Paul Pierce no matter what anyone else says, so both those names are in. :) I also think Perkins could be cute (or maybe Perke), and I love Blaze! Did you think of Price or Powell?

David and jill said...

I LOVE the last pic of Parker. Super precious. As for names, no comment...we're 11 days from our due date and haven't decided on one for our own little boy! Although I will say this: If you birth the baby, you get to name him. Sorry, James. :)

Trang said...

I haven't been on here in forever...You're having another one? I'm just curious since you're picking out name. I like Paxton and Perkins. :-)