Friday, October 14, 2011

baby gifts--favorite ideas for personalized items

people often ask where i get all of my personalized baby stuff, so i thought i would share 10 gift ideas and links so some of my favorite etsy shops!  none of these people paid anything to have their sites featured (my blog is not that cool :))...these are just great places to shop online!

1. monogrammed burp cloths, bibs, etc.  there are tons of etsy shops selling these.  i get mine local in nwa from my friend brenda who runs a shop out of her home in springdale.  burp cloths, blankies and bibs are a hit at every shower!

2. iron on decals.  love these!!  budget friendly way to give personalized gifts (you can buy blue or brown & white striped onesies at walmart for $2 or hobby lobby to iron these onto or tshirts for $4 from Target).
here are some i made for pax:

3. personalized bloomers (diaper covers) for little girls. 
4. personalized bean bag name blocks.  i ordered these for parker and pax's room and the boys love throwing them around
5. hair bows and headbands.  half of the reason i want a baby girl is to dress her in big bows (which is probably why God has not given me a girl :)).  but bows make such a cute gift!
6. initial onesies (this one has the name on the butt and comes with a matching tutu!).  so cute.
7. diaper bags & backpacks

8. big bro / lil bro or sis shirts...i ordered these for parker and pax for christmas
9. personalized water bottles.  i ordered these for parker's soccer team and love them!
10. personalized melamie plates.  these make great baby plates for a nursery or a wedding gift!

and there you have some of my internet love.  happy shopping!


Catie said...

Great ideas!!

kristina said...

sometimes i think you must be superwoman. seriously. your boys always look so adorable, you blogs are detailed be it about baby gifts or economics, you work full time and have two boys under 3! plus you have time to hang out wiht husband, be with friends, and run! you're pretty cool in my book. :) way to be awesome.