Thursday, October 27, 2011

rock 'n' roll st. louis

what a weekend!  we did it!  my (single) brother-in-law, paul, and i ran the st. louis half marathon!
among the other 20,000 runners
the night before the race i got food poisoning and was throwing up and going to the bathroom until 11pm.  long story, but i don't think the fridge in our room was properly working, and after i drank 2 large glasses of semi-cold milk, my stomach immediately started grumbly and then everything went sour.

james sweetly offered to run the race for me since we'd already paid the entry fee and he didn't want it to go to waste.  as much i would've liked to see him run (untrained), i got up in the morning feeling much better and decided to just do it.

hopefully in the spring i'll do another one to help lose the rest of my baby weight (ugh, go away).  for now i will wake up with a little more pride in finishing and thankfulness that the training and run did not affect my milk supply!  paxton is still going strong with no formula so far.

happy 4 months to my little guy a few days late.  17 lbs (90%), 27 inches (98%).  grow, baby, grow!!!  love yall.

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Erin said...

You should come to Pittsburgh to visit for our Marathon in May. Maybe you'll even inspire me to train. :)