Wednesday, October 12, 2011

it's a...boy!

no, no no...james and i are are not having any more kids any time soon.  but i wanted to give a shoutout to randy and whitney who both just found out they are having their 2nd boys!  get excited for matching outfits and rowdy pillow fights! 
i am really loving having two little boys.  they are so full of energy and love and make life more exciting and fulfilling.  there are several others i know with two little boys and i've enjoyed reading about their journeys and learning from them.  it is encouraging to know that these moms are dedicated to raising godly boys--the world needs more of them!  :)

amy--caleb & garrett
melissa--lincoln & noah
jill--brock & zane
kim--maddox & ryder (who has the same birthday as paxton!)
wendy-- jonas & noah



kimmie said...

Thanks for the shout out girl...that is too sweet!! I love reading blogs of moms who have 2 boys too! I LOVE how you dress your boys...they always look so cute!!! Where do you like to get their clothes??

Melissa said...

Awe thanks Silvy! 2 boys are definitely super fun!! everyone thinks i'm dying for a girl with this pregnancy (which would be awesome) but HOW FUN does 3 little boys all close in age sound???? You, i know can imagine how awesome that would be!! looks like parker already thinks the world of Pax...i love watching lincoln with noah. nothing like it.