Saturday, October 1, 2011

corn maze

last week our church rented out the ozark corn maze near our house.  parker was brave and rode the cow train in the dark.  (it was a bumpy ride!)  how sweet does paxton look in the picture above?  love him.
amy and i with our lil' babies in tow.  paxton was being fussy but i didn't want to miss out on all of the action, so i nursed him while walking around, ha!  it was the first time i'd ever done that, but i just put my hooter hider over the sling and voila!  james didn't even know i was nursing him so hopefully i didn't gross out too many of the other hundreds of people there.  actually a couple people asked if they could see paxton and i had to awkwardly tell them not right now :).
parker and one of his best buds, jack.  these two have so much fun together.  we are already guessing parker is an extrovert because he gets soooo riled up seeing his friends.
our family of four.  and yes, these are my clothes from college.  they don't really fit any more and i really need to give up my american eagle jean skirt, but it was the only fall outfit i could put together.  love yall.


Anonymous said...

Your American Eagle comment made me laugh. I also kept my skirt for far too long. I felt like nothing else came along as a good replacement!

kristina said...

i think you still can pull it off! you look great dude. and your boys are precious.