Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1 month stats

don't have much time tonight, but parker had his 1 month visit on monday and the (new) doctor said he looks perfect! (minus a little diaper rash) a few vital statistics:

8 lbs 9 ounces (i thought he was going to be huge!)
19 inches

3 days old:
7 lbs 15 ounces (normal to lose weight the first few days doc said)
20 1/2 inches

1 month:
9 lbs 9 ounces
22 1/2 inches

good job, buddy! you gained a whole pound this month! and GREW 3 1/2 inches??? is that normal? possible answers: a. yes it is normal (unlikely) b. they measured you wrong at the hospital (my guess) c. babies "stretch out" their first few weeks of life.

tomorrow google will help solve the mystery. love yall (yay for sunshine, finally!!!)


Kim said...

Grow Parker Grow! He's going to be a basketball player just like his daddy!

Krista said...

Greg Taylor worked with my youth group for many years...we went to church together and he was like a big brother to me.

Erin said...

Wow! 1 month already... such a cutie. I can't wait to meet him someday.