Monday, May 11, 2009


(the latest website with our wedding pics-- love the little butterflies flying all around james and me. actually the idea of releasing butterflies at a wedding is pretty cute).

we are having a wonderful time in wisconsin. the in-laws are elated to have parker here (james and i went on another date tonight!), parker got me some pretty roses, asiatic lillies, and gummi worms for mothers day, and the fam is playing lots and lots of cards.

i forgot my usb cord, so no new pictures, but hopefully some good blog entries this week. i still have a list of entries that i want to write, but somehow feeding, burping and changing parker is taking priority. posts on the hopeful upcoming agenda:
*labor story
*cheating/elizabeth edwards/divorce
*pediatrician vs. family doctor
*why the first month of motherhood (for me) was not as dramatic or difficult as people made it out to be
*another attack of mary kay
*recommended reading list for new mothers (actually i need some recommendations)
*first desire i've ever had to be a SAHM

and because i can't post without a picture or two, here are pictures from the day parker was born and another taken on his one month birthday.

bags under our eyes, needing to shave, etc.
ahhh much better!
love yall!!


Kim said...

What an exciting to-be-blogged list! Can't wait to read all about it!

keely steger said...

How on earth do your wedding pics keep popping up everywhere? I'm so curious about that!

Katie said...

Love the moro reflex! I know that's from your older post :), but I wanted to mention it. Caleb still does it and it cracks me up!

I'm so glad your first month was drama free!! It's funny how each new Mom has different experiences. One of my good friends was great until her baby was three months old--then it all came crashing down and then got better. Some struggled from day one and their babies are several months old and they still struggle, and some of my friends never struggled at all. I definitely struggled through that first month (although I did like the convenience of taking Caleb everywhere, knowing he'd sleep the whole time--not so much now!), but after that first month, things got so much better and now, it's just plain amazing.

I can't wait to read about your experiences as a new Mom!

Erin said...

I'm also excited about the future blog list. Have fun with the in-laws. They seemed so nice. I'm very lucky too. I love my future in-laws.

Q. and La. said...

All your blogs make me VERY excited to come back!!!

sarah beth hawk said...

i hope you guys are having a wonderful time is wisconsin. i've never been there, is there lots of wonderful cheese? i can't wait to read these upcoming posts! and, i love the new blog header!