Saturday, May 16, 2009


dad and i just set up your facebook account. not sure how you will feel about this when you are older, but we are having fun with it right now. your grandmas love getting messages on there from you. tonight is our last night in wisconsin. i love my in-laws, but i am ready to be home and get back to our normal routine. i miss my tv shows, i miss my bed, and i miss being able to be naked whenever i want. hopefully no more hooter hider any time soon. love you!
p.s. here is a picture of you and your best-friend-to-be jack(son) inside your respective momma's tummies. feb. 2009 (you are 8 months along and jack is 3)
may 2009 (where did you go? jack is still cooking strong at 6 months. mom is pretty happy her face and body are shrinking back to normal proportions)

oh look! there you are, in all of your cross eyed glory!
love you!!

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Stephanie said...

parker is so cute :) what a cute little family yall are!
maybe you knew about this one... but i was looking for suit rentals at Sacino's Formal Wear's website... and there was a picture from yalls wedding scrolling through their picture display :) yall just pop up everywhere!