Monday, May 18, 2009

pictures from the cheese state

you had so much fun on your first trip to wisconsin. many people loved on you every day making you smile more and more. here you are in the chilly 55 degree weather.
meet your best friend, the carseat. i can't believe you were content to sit in this for 12 straight hours, twice! good job, bud!
meet your cousin's boyfriend, "ya boy skittlez." dad and i happened to park behind big skittlez at aunt kathy's card party. yes, skittlez is white.
meet your uncle paul and great-grandpa kehrli (92 years old). uncle paul IS matthew mcconaughey in "ghost of girlfriends past." some day you will understand.
meet the beautiful flowers you gave me for mothers day. thank you! too bad grandma kehrli is (apparently) allergic to lilies and grandpa kehrli threw them away the day after you gave them to me. no, i am not bitter even though the flowers grandpa kehrli gave grandma graced the dining room table all week, grrr...
grandma kehrli's flowers
lastly, meet your other best friend, the bottle. you were such a champ taking the pumped bottle all week.

love you!! we really did have a great trip. off to kansas in another week. muah!


Molly K said...

He is the cutest thing in his car seat - so adorable!

Amy said...

Your flowers are prettier. :)

Jenn Eastman said...

glad you guys had a great trip!!