Wednesday, May 20, 2009

prime outlets

even though james and i are blessed to have wonderful families, our in-laws are still in-laws. as much as i love james' family (even though they throw away my mothers day flowers and would rather watch the mentalist and ncis over american idol and the biggest loser season finale, what??), i will never feel as comfortable around them as i do with my family. recognizing this was an important step for both of us. enjoying in-law visits. the first few times i brought james to kansas, i scheduled too much to do and all of the small talk with people he barely knew exhausted him. so, to help him look forward to kansas trips, we make it a priority for him to have an afternoon all to himself. he takes the car with no schedule or to do list. usually he ends up going to a boyish movie and comes home rejuvenated and relaxed.

this past week in wisconsin, i finally discovered my escape from the in-laws: kenosha's prime outlets. ahhh this made my trip. from now on, i'm making it a priority to spend one afternoon shopping at the beautiful j.crew, banana, white/black, etc. outlets. hallelujah! oh and i did i mention that i just discovered a chipotle in wisconsin?!? my trips to the in-laws are forever changed for the better. i highly encourage everyone to find one activity they enjoy in their in-laws hometowns to give them something to look forward to on the road trips.

and what did i buy? this 3/4 sleeve blue sweater that i wore to lake michigan with parker. $23.this classy necklace from white house black market. $10.
comfy springy tank from j. crew. perfect for stroller walks. $8
and while we're on the topic of shopping, i found this summery dress that i wore for parker's one month family pics at wal-mart. $10!

love yall!!!


dawnvon said...

that's such a good idea! i need to find something. even though i lived w/ his family for a few months, it's still pretty awkward and tiring. especially w/ his extended family. i'm pretty sure he feels the same way around my family.

Kim said...

outlets...yum...I'm very happy about being much closer to the Allen outlet mall just outside of Dallas!

Erin said...

I love my in-laws so much. To be honest, I usually just bring my laptop and some work to do. Not as much fun as shopping, but I guess it's still an escape. :)

BTW, white house black market is one of my favorite stores, and I have never seen an outlet! *jealous* They have really good sales online though.

Melissa McMahan said...

ha. aren't white house black market outlets the best???!! i too have found a gorgous necklace there at the one in vegas - love it! about my profile, go to, make it with all their fun tools (it's free!), save it as a JPEG file and then uplode the jpeg to your blogger header picture. it's pretty easy, time consuming, but fun! cute son, btw - love the name. :)