Thursday, May 28, 2009

baby cards

I just took down your collection of cards. It pained me a little to pile them together, but our living room looks much cleaner. Love you,

Which brings me to the question of the day:
What did you do with all of your baby cards? (put them in a scrapbook, put them in a box, throw them away, etc?) Or what did you do with your wedding cards? I have a nice stack of them in our guest bedroom that needs a more permanent home. I never know what to do with birthday, anniversary, etc. cards. It is a shame to throw them away, but being a pack rat is not much better. Hmph.

James and I are in Kansas for the week and don't have internet access at my dad's house (hence the lack of blogposts). Tomorrow I am going to Springfield for one of James' high school friend's wedding and am picking up another groomsman's wife in Olathe for a 4 hour car ride (our husbands are already there for the bachelor party). I've never said a word to the other wife IRL even though we both attended each other's weddings. She seems nice enough from a lil' healthy facebook stalking (thank you for letting me know she went to Ecuador *note to self: good conversation topic*). Oh man, I never dreamed I would marry a MK from South America.

In other news, I got the newlyweds-to-be a cooler filled with beer as a wedding gift. It might be the most white trash present ever, but hopefully they'll actually use it. (Hey the cooler was on their registry and I bought it the same day I returned a fondue pot from our wedding that has been sitting in our closet for over a year. BTW, everyone always gripes about Target's return policies, but I've never had any trouble with it and actually love Target registries).

Love!!! and happiness!! and marriage!!! :)


Katie said...

Have fun with the wedding stuff! I, too, have never had an issue with Target return policies. I know they typically won't accept anything without a receipt, which is frustrating when you receive something as a gift or receive two of the same things without receipts. I think they allow you to return non-receipt items twice a year (if you present your ID). You can return as many items in one of those two trips as you'd like, though, so I waited until allll of my baby showers were over until I returned stuff. Anyway.

I love Target.

Hmm ... baby cards ... I wish I could say that I framed all of them and made a huge collage, but I'm pretty sure they're in a box. Or an even bigger box, like a dumpster. Eek. I did keep some, though, and pinned them to the bulletin board in Cubbie's room.

Erin said...

I'm starting to wonder the same thing with all of my wedding stuff... My house is consumed with it right now, and I'm kind of looking forward to getting rid of all the clutter!

We should chat sometime soon.

Nicole said...

For wedding cards I kept them all in a pretty little box I got from Tuesday morning. For Baby cards you can do the same just put them in a separate box, I would definetly keep any that are homemade or have special meaning to you. As far as birthday cards go I try to keep the boys birthday cards, christmas etc. I have a special hallmark box that can keep either old cards or store new never used cards by holiday that way when a holiday or birthday is coming up you just look in the box and grab one that fits the occasion. Hey we had to return ice cream to target yesterday of course it had a giant crack in the bottom and started leaking all over our kitchen floor, I was suprised there wasn't a trail of ice cram throughout target but we still had the receipt and plus it said market pantry on it container which is their storebrand name. We just exchanged it anyway but they were very understanding and didn't give us any guff about it.