Monday, June 1, 2009

swimmin' fool

yesterday marked our second trip to the neighborhood swimming pool. we went two weeks ago, but the water was too cold, you were crying for hunger before we even got in (mom forgot to bring your bottle), you didn't have a hat, sunscreen, etc . dad was skeptical to try again yesterday because you still don't fit in the smallest size of little swimmers, but he obliged to mom's demands (mom loves the pool more than she should). i think you actually liked it! you didn't really cry as mom bounced you around in the water and seemed content kicking your little legs under water. we had to cut the adventure short because mom forgot the new hat she bought you at target and didn't want you to get sunburned. she also forgot a towel, change of clothes, etc.

it is tough to remember everything you need on outings! today i am making a pool bag so we are prepared. in the bag: sunscreen, baby towel, blanket, dry onesie, diapers (one regular and one lil' swimmers), wipes, burp towel, pacifier, and a hat. on the day of each trip i will add a bottle and the camera. that's just for you! forget all of the items mom needs for herself. leaving the house will never be the same again, parks.

our family has been pretty busy lately (shalini, our neighbor, told me yesterday that we are the busiest people she's ever met! ha). dad looked oh so handsome in his tux last weekend and we really enjoyed time with mom's family in lawrence. more pics to come. love you little guy! i'm so proud of you for going in the swimming pool with a good attitude! :)



Nicole said...

you are not the first one to forget things when it comes to your baby. I think it all has to do with mommy amnesia first its pregnancy amnesia then it transfers over after baby is born. The plan to have a swimming bag ready is great. There have been times even now when I forgot water for Carl's soccer/baseball whatever practice and I feel bad of course at his age I also remind him that he can be responsible for one thing like water.
Just make sure you keep plenty of sunscreen on parker and reapply it. When he isn't in the water look into a terry cloth robe jacket to cover him up and try to keep him in shade as much as possible. At this point it is hard to tell whose skin complexion he will get. We didn't know Carl had my complexion until he was about 4 I think, he tans really easily better then me. Calvin is the opposite and burns like his dad. So just be careful but have fun with him!!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I can't wait until I can take Gooner in the water!

Katie said...

Yay for swimming!! He's too cute, Silvy. I love the little swim suit!!

Good for you for keeping a bag packed at all times. That's the best way to go! And I love that you guys are continuing with your lives since the birth of your little man. You will have a confident, laid-back baby as a result!

kristina said...

i love that you took little parker swimming straight away. i keep telling people that i am planning to take my baby to the pool and they tell me i am insane. i think its perfectly normal, as i too share your love of the pool. so way to go silvy! way to be a great, laid back mom! :)

dawnvon said...

i'm so glad you guys get to go out all the time. i'm glad you get to post about it all too. i miss you. we really should get together some time soon.