Tuesday, June 30, 2009

back to work

parker's first day of daycare: j/k (that picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. isn't his lower lip the most precious thing you have ever seen??)

parker's real first day of daycare:
his favorite toy (he spent over an hour in it today!)
cherished family time in the evenings, washing parker up
the sweetest face

love you bud!!!


Gow_spot said...

wow! he is getting BIG!
and he is soo adorable silvy!

how's momma do with Parker's frist day of day care?

was it hard? or was it feeling good to get out?

love and prayers

Jasmine said...

I am so happy you are finding a groove... it is not easy!

Good luck!

Daniel & Gretchen Miller said...

Hope it all went well! You look amazing!

dawnvon said...

that is so precious!

Peter and Amy said...

I'm curious to hear how it went with daycare. I just started my 12 week maternity leave a week ago and I'm already starting to dread the thought of leaving her, but I know it has to be done.