Monday, June 15, 2009

more pics

dear parker,
you are beautiful.
p.s. i am very pleased with my experience at the picture people (in pinnacle promenade). they never have sitting fees and sent a coupon for a free 10x13 picture, so we figured what the heck. the photographer was great with parker and had tons of ideas and poses, so the session only took 20 minutes. 15 minutes later we reviewed the pics in the store and made our prints right there! it was super easy and the pics turned out great. the only thing i'm a little sad is that parker never smiled when the camera was on him. while we were putting him into the poses and tickling his tummy he smiled so big. Every time she grabbed the camera he stopped (but it was kinda funny). oh well, maybe at his next shoot we will get some smiles. anyway, here are some of the pics...


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julie said...

silvy, parker is beautiful. i cant wait to meet him!! hopefully that will be this year, and if it is, I am coming down to see you guys, so get that couch ready.

i miss you guys a lot.