Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 months

dear parker,
wow! you are already 2 months old! every day keeps getting better and better. you are more alert, more interactive, and so much more fun! mom is trying to keep you entertained even though she doesn't really know much about babies. you don't have control of your hands yet, but boy, you can kick! the baby einstein playard is your new best friend! when you kick the shapes/numbers, they play a song and light up in mesmerizing patterns. you've figured out that you can control the tune by kicking your left foot on the green triangle and your right on the purple square. it is awesome to see you kick and kick and kick:
when you get bored with baby einstein, mom sings you nursery rhymes and does motions with your arms and legs. your favorite songs are: the wheels on the bus, humpty dumpty, hickory dickory dock, twinkle twinkle little star, round and round, little miss muffett, and jack and jill. grandma betty got you the book "toddler play" that has all of the lyrics and coordinating motions, which is mom's secret to creativity. apparently there is a book by the same gymboree teachers called "baby play," but we only have this one:
mom can't sing well, but you still love to hear her voice. you especially love when she plays with your tummy, and you SMILE! every single day. yay parker!! such a cutie...
every day we either go on a long walk or go to the pool. when we don't get outside, you get fussy, so bring on the fresh air! although it will be a while before you can walk, you can already hold weight on your legs. mom spends about 30 minutes a day working with you on strengthening your leg muscles.
mom tries to give you 30 minutes of tummy time a day to help strengthen your neck muscles, but it usually makes you spit up. we'll work on this. love you oh so much!!!


Jasmine said...

Ah! That sounds like such a good time! Tuesday after 5:30 works for the Perkins and the Browns. Could you email us directions- just send it to our blog address. Also, do we need to bring anything? I am excited to meet Parker! Sadly, Isaiah will be gone with in-laws so you won't get to meet him :(

kristina said...

little parker is just so adorable!!

Melissa McMahan said...

ha! that's a hilarious picture!!! Lincoln always had that problem, too!