Saturday, June 6, 2009

updates and childcare

parker's 2nd girlfriend, abrey.
don't think it will last since they wouldn't hold hands or look at each other, but it's a step up from hitting. good job, parker. (p.s. parker is definitely too small for newborn clothes, ha).
oh it is nice to stay home for a weekend. james and i got some good cleaning done, updated our monthly budget spreadsheet, ran a little 5k route around the neighborhood, and relaxed. updates on life...

PARKER: survived round one of vaccinations! yay! i think the EMLA cream helped because he only let out a little "wahh" for about 5 seconds and didn't shed a tear, but i don't really have anything to compare it to. however, after we came home and he woke up from his nap, the pain was still stinging in his legs making him a little fuss muffin. he cried/screamed for 15 minutes twice during the evening, but luckily woke up today 100% better, phew. note to self: don't invite friends over for dinner the same day your little one gets shots. bad idea.

JAMES: is out for the night driving a limo for a wedding in fayetteville. he called to tell me that he enjoyed shrimp, spin dip, stuffed mushrooms, a quesadilla bar, etc. at the reception while i am at home eating a super pretzel and deli meat. i am excited for his new little side job, though. yesterday he drove for the walmart shareholders meeting and got asked 3 times if he was single, ha! i enjoy that other women hit on him (he's mine!) and completely trust him. he showed them his ring and pictures of parker on his cell phone so they know he is really taken (having kids seems to make fidelity that much more important). dating = kind of taken. married = taken. kids = TAKEN TAKEN.

SILVY: uploaded videos on the computer! yay!!! finally figured out how to transfer videos from the camcorder. now i just have to learn how to post them on youtube and slice the clips i want to post. get excited for parker mania (i have 66 videos uploaded so far).

on my run today i stopped and talked to one of my new mom friends in the neighborhood. she and her next door neighbor, cindy, each have 2 kids and watch children in their homes. cindy is going to take care of parker 1 or 2 days a week when james is working his 24 hour shifts and i am at the office. the rest of the week james will play with parker while i am hard at work. yay for home childcare (wish we had family in the area, but this is the next best option). i think when we have baby #2 in a couple years i will stay home full-time, but this is what's best for us right now.


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Melissa McMahan said...

sounds like us...we weren't so much prepared for the little Lincoln when we had him so i'm still needing to work for the time being, but also hope to stay at home with the second one. are you guys in fayetteville?