Thursday, February 5, 2009


it's been one of those days. i came home from work today and james asked me what was wrong. i said nothing and proceeded to warm up a twice baked potato in the microwave and drink some skim milk. "i know by that walk that you're worked up about something." (i guess the fact that i broke routine and didn't kiss him when i came in the door might have given it away, too). "okay fine, i hate dealing with insurance companies."

it all started when my poor pathfinder got smashed in siloam springs 3 years ago. although the other driver admitted fault on the scene and the police ruled it 100% her fault and gave her a ticket, i still had to spend hours and hours on the phone with safeco. $8000 worth of repaired damage (4 trips to the shop until they finally fixed everything) and 2 rental cars later, i finally got my car back and got them to pay for everything. ughhh. i still don't think my car runs as well as it did before the wreck, but i'm done fighting.

today i called our health care provider, united, to talk to them about a bill i received for $577 in the mail for lab work. i specifically asked the doctor before he did the work if it would be covered with insurance, and he assured me that it would be 100% taken care of. well someone filed something wrong, and after talking to 4 different united health care reps, our doctors office administrator and the company the doctor uses to outsource billing, and waiting on hold for what seemed like forever with each one, i think it is finally resolved and they are going to pay for it. i just hate wasting time convincing them that this is covered with our benefits. i could go off about the reps, but it's probably not their fault they are neither trained nor educated.

it didn't help any that i had to drive to grove, oklahoma, for work today and almost got killed when a queen sized box spring blew out of the truck bed in front of me and almost hit my windshield on the windy backroads. thank you very much. oh and the cell phone service on the way to grove? absolutely terrible.

plus all day i was thinking about the 8-10 page paper I had to write tonight for our leadership development program at work. i love the program, but it's pretty much like still being in school with homework constantly looming. i'm way behind on facebook messages, too. i know that is not a big deal, but i hate waiting days to write people back, especially when others are trying to help plan for the shower this weekend and are waiting for my reply.

last but not least, two of the bridesmaids want to throw an 80's dance party for our friends' bachelorette party. i DESPISE 80's parties, and i'm not a huge fan of dancing (unless it's slow dancing or choreographed). how about a nice relaxing girls night out at melting pot? sounds much better to me, but then again it's not my party. however, i have known our friend for much longer than the other girls so i think my vote should get extra weight. ugh, not the day to send me this email.

anyway, i am finally feeling better. i just finished my paper and the insurance bill is hopefully worked out. although i hate dealing with insurance companies, i am very very thankful that james' work covers the full cost of our health insurance. not a lot of workplaces do that any more, so i realize we are blessed. the baby is healthy, too, and that should be enough to keep me happy. thank goodness tomorrow is friday. i need it. *love*


Rebecca said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. I'm excited, though, to see you this weekend (at Heather's)! :)

wendy said...

how long have you had united health care? I work with insurance companies all day everyday, and it broke a few weeks ago that united had been underpaying on claims, costing their customers billions. if you've had them for a while, you may want to ask the healthcare providers you used for their records and compare those to your eob's.

we've been helping out patients with this for the past few weeks just to ensure they've recieved the money that is rightfully theirs.

Kim said...

you did have a tough day! I'm hope your weekend is very relaxing!

Erin said...

Oh, btw, we're thinking about buying a house! Any advice?

Manny Kay said...

I hear you about car wrecks. I finally go to mediation on Monday 2/16. Miss you, love you, and giving you hugs via the blog. You look beautiful missy.