Tuesday, February 10, 2009

valentine's day

i can't believe valentine's day is coming up so quickly! it is definitely one of my favorite holidays. i love celebrating love (i know, gag me). james and i have a couple traditions that make the day even better...

1. we alternate planning every other year. this is my year to make the day special, and james is pretty excited he has no pressure to plan anything. (since he does not read my blog) we might go hiking here:

hawksbill crag (harrison, arkansas). after our friends got engaged at this gorgeous place last year, i've been dying to hike the trail and take some pretty pictures. however, we'll see how the weather cooperates and might make this an activity for later spring.

2. we have a rule that we are not allowed to buy presents for each other but make something instead in an attempt to minimize commercialism and hopefully give heartfelt notes/poems/crafts.

anyway, a few quick pictures of old valentine's days and then i am off to bed

2008 (brazillian steakhouse in fayetteville):

2007 (james surprised me by coming to siloam! and cooked a delicious dinner):

2006 (chillin in siloam when we weren't officially dating):

p.s. the mother of the octuplets is absolutely ridiculous (love the dateline special right now). i think the only people not outraged by her behaviors are the same women who love sarah palin. that's mean, i know, but this is my blog. love yall :)


Kim said...

Hawksbill Craig is great! My family has gone there hiking several times. If you want to get a little artsy too, you could stop by Tim Ernst's photography studio. He's the most well known photographer from Arkansas...truly beautiful stuff. Here's his website: http://www.cloudland.net/canvasprices.html

wendy said...

1. hawksbill craig is AMAZING to hike, and it's pretty easy to do.

2. a few questions--how many teeth needed fillings, and how much were they per tooth? i know that in our office, pricing on fillings ranges depending on how many surfaces of the tooth need work, but for one tooth would be no more than $245.

i'm also guessing that you didn't get the silver fillings, but rather the ones that blend in with the tooth. those, with most dental plans, are covered as the same thing--a filling is a filling, no matter what. there are plans out there (like yours) where a metal filling costs less (just like a crown with metal costs less than one with porcelain--it's not as healthy for you and is cheaper).

also, the cost could have been different from what they quoted to you if your insurance company considers prices based on if your dentist is "in network" or "out of network". if they are in network, your insurance company will cover more, and if out, less (because the drs pay a premium to be considered in network). Usually, though, it's only a 10% difference on what they will cover.

if your dr is out of network, and she failed to mention that, then they probably quoted her the in network prices. as a patient, you can request a print out (usually via fax) from your insurance company of your EOB (i'm pretty sure united does this, but i know that ar bcbs doesnt). if they wont send it to you, you can also ask your dentist to request a print out of your EOB for you to pick up/have mailed to you.

i hope that may have helped a tiny smidge...insurance companies are surely the thorn in my side.

Jenn Eastman said...

i think you are wearing my red dress in one of those pics! :) haha! can't wait to see you either! :)

kristina said...

"i think the only people not outraged by her behaviors are the same women who love sarah palin" that is by far the best (and funniest) thing i have read all day. fantastic silvy. fantastic. :)

Erin said...

Sorry I missed your call this morning. I was on the commute to Cal State...

I love your v-day rules. Maybe I'll steal them. :)

I can't believe that baby is only a month away!!