Thursday, February 19, 2009


nothing much is going on tonight, so some random updates of what's new with the kehrlis:

1. got direct tv today! i'm still trying to figure out where my favorite channels are in the mess of everything, but the picture is awesome (thank you new hdmi cable)

2. got the oil changed in both of our cars and had the dealer replace the serpentine belt in the corolla. crossing things off the to do list before the baby arrives.

3. james is still enjoying emt class, especially the practical nights. 1/3 of the way done and he hasn't missed a class yet!

4. james organized a rec. league basketball team (it's an annual tradition) and has been loving playing ball with his friends. i love cheering with the other wives (who are some of my best friends).

5. i've been walking and biking almost every day for an hour and have yet to feel any back pain or experience swelling, thank you God. james loves going to the gym as much (if not more) than i do, and i love this about him.

6. i have no idea what a contraction feels like and don't think i've felt any yet, although my doctor asked, and my pregnancy book says i've probably experienced many braxton hicks contractions.

7. i am really looking forward to the baby shower my friends are throwing this weekend! thank you guys :).

8. james' work is throwing us a shower as well. they told me to pick out a carseat and they'll buy it. very generous, but how awkward. carseats range from $50-$300, and i have no idea what they are thinking in terms of price, so i told them i would be fine with anything. then they told me again to pick one, ahh, so i'm leaning towards this grayco one:

9. the baby's heart rate was 156 at my visit on monday, once again making me think we're having a girl. the visit before, it was in the 130's (first time ever below 140) and i hoped thought for the first time that there was a chance we were having a boy. oh well.

10. i am addicted to hearing about the octuplet mom and her messed up life. i realize this is mean-spirited of me, but the lady is absolutely ridiculous. i wish america would make a pact not to give her any contracts for pictures, books, etc.

11. i'm not a big fan of the stimulus package (there may be more republican in me than i admit). i don't think we should bail out anyone. let the automakers crash, let the lending companies crash, let the overbuilt housing market adjust itself by lowering home prices. i believe in an darwinian capitalist economic system where supply and demand dictate the longevity of businesses. let companies fail naturally.

12. i have no pity on people facing forclosures. you are buying homes you cannot afford!! stop living beyond your means. i realize there are some people out there with extinuating circumstances, but they are few compared to the number of irresponsible people.

13. i am really just selfishly annoyed with the stimulus package because i don't feel like much of the money directly helps me or other hardworking people who are not in a financial crisis. i am glad a large chunk of the money is going to state gov'ts for roads, education, etc., but the housing parts frustrate me.

14. james organized a guys' night last night and said he was encouraged by great conversation with the other three non-married guys (all with serious girlfriends). he told me about how he could relate to their struggles and doubts at that point in life, but realized how much he has changed and grown throughout the last year after getting married. he said he feels like he has gained so much wisdom about women and relationships, and i am really encouraged by how God is daily molding both of us to be more loving spouses.

15. i asked james if we've had any big fights since we've been married, and after 3 minutes of quiet thinking, none came to either of our minds. either we have great selective memories or we're really good at forgiving and forgetting. i love my husband and love being married.

16. the other night we had a crazy thunderstorm, so we turned off the tv, opened the windows, and cuddled. it was a magical moment where we realized how blessed we were to have each other and a warm, wonderful home. we are thankful.

that's more than enough for now. love you all.


Kim said...

good post! I like the car seat you picked out...very cute! I'll be seeing you real soon! I'm excited!

Erin said...

I agree about the stimulus package... well sort of.

The auto bailout is, in my opinion, pretty ridiculous. However, I don't think that the government should do nothing. Instead of propping up failing car companies, how about we invest in job retraining programs and give incentives (tax breaks) for new industries to move into the areas where people will be out of work?

Other than that though, I think that the spending bits are really good... I'm not really sure if I would call myself a Keynesian, but it seems like sort of our only option at this point.

Anyway, cute car seat! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Silvy -- about the heart rate. Take it from a mom of 3 boys, then one girl, that the heart rate can change right up until the birth. For example, Emily was thought to be a boy because of her heart rate until about an hour before the delivery. Surprise, we really did have a girl! On the other hand, it is great fun to keep guessing!
Blessings on a healthy baby!

Susan W.