Tuesday, April 28, 2009


dear monkey,
i was going to tell the story of your birth this afternoon, but once again beautiful weather beckoned me outside. dad landscaped for 2 hours while i listened to casting crowns on pandora and finished "the first month" chapter in what to expect the first year. oh glorious day.

your room is slowing coming together, thank you hobby lobby. i bought letters to spell p-a-r-k-e-r and some pretty blue acrylic paint to jazz them up. interior decorating is not exactly my biggest strength, but i've been watching home decorating shows to get some tips ("less is more" i.e. get rid of the clutter).

we got a thank you letter yesterday from a girl who went on a mexico mission trip. she emphasized how the trip was "seriously life changing," and i couldn't help but chuckle at how cliche her story was. maybe someday we will get a letter saying "thanks for your gift, but i had an awful time on the trip and got the swine flu" (okay that's not funny, but i would still like someone to confess a negative experience).

i have no room to talk, though, because my thank you notes for your baby gifts are generic as can be. "dear ___, thank you for your generous gift. parker loves it and wears it every day, blah blah..." maybe i should change it up. "dear ____, thank you for your generous gift. i used the giftcard to buy myself a new bikini from target!"

okay i'm going to do it. not sure who the unsuspecting gift giver will be, and i might have to include a "haha j/k," but i will write that thank you. blah, i've written more thank yous this year than my whole life combined. can't complain because of others' generosity, but if someone would like to write some for me, that would be wonderful.

sunday is our one year anniversary!! babysitter here we come.

love ya lots,


Emily said...

I love that picture of him! He is so long!!! Love the updates, Silvy, I read them every day!

Emily Weaver said...

Good thing I got you that Cold Stone gift card....I know you will be getting ice cream :) maybe even ice cream in a bikini....ohh lala. Careful though. I have two students that I teach that work there, hehe.

Anonymous said...

I am just going to give you a high five now! You are doing one of the most awesome things EVER.... leaving your child with a babysitter to spend time with your husband! I don't understand women who refuse to leave their children without them during the first year. I understand that some don't have the trusted help (and that is sad), some don't have the money (which means their friends suck and they need better friends who are willing to help)... but the ones that just won't step away, even for an hour or two confuse me.