Tuesday, April 14, 2009

one week down


congrats! you made it through your first week of life with flying colors (aka lots of sleeping). you are the most precious baby and we could not ask for more of an angel. i'm glad we didn't name you blaze because your personality (what little we know of it) is nothing like a "blaze," but more of a well-mannered funny guy. you fart all the time! and you make the cutest little face every time you do. you are feeding quite well, so much so that mommy can read "what to expect the first year" during each sitting. you sleep 18-20 hours a day, which gives daddy and i plenty of time to rest, relax and enjoy life (we've been sleeping in until 10:30am and i love it!) we are so blessed with family and friends helping out with meals and cleaning.

this might just be one of my favorite months of my life. daddy has been changing 95% of your diapers, which frees me up to focus on breastfeeding. you are such a natural part of our new life. in your first week in this world, you went to daddy's basketball game, the rogers public library, three doctor's offices for consultations (long story), the bentonville pediatrics clinic (dr. foster said you look perfect!), johnny carino's, boi de ouro, sonic (twice), church and lots of walks! and you slept through it all!!!

oh parks, we love you to death. can't wait to experience more life with you.


blog entries on the upcoming agenda:
1. labor and all it entailed
2. essentials of the first week (consumer report)
3. why daddy didn't shave for your birth and looks like a dirty mexican in all of the hospital pictures
4. whether or not to tell my inlaws about my blog
5. pediatrician vs. family practitioner
6. breastfeeding (i anticipate many entries about this since it is now my new life)

until next time, love you all! yay for wonderful sunshine :)


los gowanitos said...

wow! he is PERFECT!!!!!
keep the pix and blogs coming Silvy!
we are celebrating and praying with you guys!

Kim said...

super cute picture! I'm calling you tomorrow to see when we can come see him in person!

sarah beth hawk said...

beautiful baby boy! so stoked for you guys. and, i'm very excited about these upcoming posts with valuable info!

Q. and La. said...

I think I found your blog through Katie's. I am your friendly Texan lurker.

It sounds like you had a fabulous first week! I am excited to read updates!

Emily said...

I want to just squeeze little Parker's cheeks! So so so so soooooo adorable. Did you get my facebook message?

dawnvon said...

yay!!! i love all the pictures you've posted. and i'm glad things are going so smoothly. you guys are great parents and parker is lucky to have you!